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My name is Tomas Mutina. THXM is my musical project aimed on the music production, remixing and sound exploration. While I run other musical projects, this one is aimed more into the experimental spheres. I like to work with modular synths and explore the possibilities of the music. Feel free to contact me, if you like my work and want to cooperate.


THXM - Future Might Be Delayed

First full length album Future Might Be Delayed on Bandcamp

THXM - Mayhem

First release of the THXM project: Mayhem on Bandcamp

THXM - Future might be delayed

Title track from the album Future might be delayed

DaT - Live at Sono Centrum Brno

THXM and David Kollar together opening for The Stick Men

THXM Remix Fuzy Muzy

My remix for Fuzy Muzy - The Gate. Impressive video.

THXM Remix Komara

My remix for Komara - Dirty Smelly. First of the THXM projects

My Work

Remixes for David Kollar

I've remixed four tracks from David's album The Son. You can listen the remix album on David's Bandcamp. If you like it, support him.

Remix for Fuzy Muzy

Cooperation with talented guys from Fuzy Muzy was a success, the remix is available on Youtube as a video as well as on Bandcamp of Fuzy Muzy. Check it out.

Remix for KOMARA

Something that can be considered as the opening act of the THXM. KOMARA is a project of David Kollar, Pat Mastelotto and Paolo Rainieri. This remix is available on Komara Music page.

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